Hail Damage Car Repair


In the wake of the spring and summer hail storms, vehicles often endure cosmetic damages that can harm resale value and simply mar the appearance. Beyond the face value, hail stones can not only dent your car, but fracture your paint job. If not repaired, the paint will eventually start to flake off leaving your car susceptible to rusting. First Class offers two options to repair hail damage and restore your vehicle to pre-storm condition.

  • Before the Storm Hits: Make copies of your vehicle registration, title, insurance card and driver’s license and secure these documents in a safe, dry place. If your vehicle must stay outside, make sure the area surrounding is decluttered and free of potential hazards and obstacles, including weak tree limbs, clogged water drains and loose materials.
  • After the Storm Clears: Record the damage with photos and videos, including location markers and details of the storm’s impact.
Paintless Dent Repair
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Services Included:
  • First Class Collision highly trained technicians will be able to evaluate the size and location of dents or other types of damage

Key Benefits of the Service

Taking your car in for regular service help you in ensuring everything is working properly and also to avoid such issues before they arise.

Increase Safety

Regular break inspection will keep you safe

Money Saving

Find issues before repair become expensive